The first networking event organized in Bosnia and Herzegovina


The 1st networking event in the framework of the BloW uP project was organized on the 22nd of December 2017 in Banja Luka by the project partners Faculty of Science University of Banja Luka and LIR Evolution.  The title of the networking event was “The remediation of dump sites (hot spots) and unexploited mining resources with nanotechnology potentials in Bosnia and Herzegovina“.  55 participants, representatives of SMEs, research institutes, universities, local and regional development agencies, ministries and civil society organizations, attended the seminar and were able to engage in debate and exchange their ideas and experiences.

The topics addressed during the networking event were the following:

  • The purpose and significance of the BloW uP project
  • Overview of mining activities in Republika Srpska
  • Heavy metals in the soil- natural sources vs. depots coming from anthropogenic activities
  • Hotspots, remediation, recultivation: experience from the JICA project on the development of a master plan for hotspot remediation in Bosnia and Herzegovina”
  • Processing and remediation of mining waste to produce materials in nano chemical processes

The BloW uP project will results in the transfer of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) knowledge and innovation model to the countries of Eastern and Southeastern Europe, development of new applications for better management of raw materials and waste, strengthened cooperation between local companies, entrepreneurs and scientific institutions, and empowered public-private partnerships, as well as practical application of scientific research results in the development of new waste-derived products/ processes.