Work plan

BloW-uP project is organized in four workpakages:

WP1 – Coordination and management. CNR-ISTM, UniBO, PoliMI, ICB-CSIC, UO-ECE, UniBL, IOCCP-BAS, LIR, TeSi, DIIn.

Milestones: (month 2) M1.1. Organization of Kick off meeting in Banja Luka and follow up meetings; (month 2) M1.2. Board of partners appointment; (months 6, 12, 18, 24) M1.3. Internal assessment of project advancement; (month 24) M.1.4. Organization of conclusion workshop in Sofia (Bulgaria). Deliverables: (month 2) D.1.1 Kick-off meeting minutes; (month 4) D.1.2 Definition of governance (Board and working groups); (month 6) D.1.3 Inventory of infrastructures; (months 6,12,18,24) D.1.4. Project partners narrative and financial reports; (month 7) D.1.5 BloW-uP strategic plan 1st year; (month 14) D.1.6 BloW-uP strategic plan 2nd year; (month 15) D.1.7 Updated Inventory of infrastructures; (month 24) D.1.8 Conclusion meeting minutes.

WP2 – NoI model transfer in Balkans and capacity building. LIR Evolution, CNR-ISTM, IOCCP-BAS, UniBL.

Task 2.1 Preparation of Study on raw materials in Balkan region;

Task 2.2 Adaptation of KIC NoIs business model to Balkan context;

Task 2.3 Organization of networking events.

Milestones: (month 12) M.2.1 Study on raw materials in Balkan region; (Month 14) D.2.2 KIC NoIs business model adapted to Balkan context; (months 8, 12, 16, 20, 24) D.2.3 Organization of 5 Networking events dedicated to  stakeholders. Deliverables: (month 12) D.2.1 Study on raw materials in Balkan region Report; (month 14) D.2.2 KIC NoIs business model adapted Report; (Months 8,12,16,20,24) D.2.3 List of participants, Photos, Ppt  resentations materials from 5 networking events.

WP3 – Materials Applications development. ISTM-CNR, UniBO, PoliMI, ICB-CSIC, UO-ECE, DIIn, UniBL, IOCCP-BAS, LIR, TeSi.

Task 3.1 Additives for lubricants. (month 24) M.3.1.1 Development of additives for industrial lubricants; (month 24) M.3.1.2 Product presentation to the potential markets; (month 24) M.3.1.3 Practical education of at least 4 master and PhD students.Deliverables: (month 18) D.3.1.1 At least 4 stakeholder trials of the lubricants on practical applications; (month 24 D.3.1.2) At least 2 student thesis on the subject completed; (month 24) D.3.1.3 At least 2 joint scientific publications in pear reviewed journals.

Task 3.2 Carbon based materials for FCs/Electrolyzers and Metal-Air batteries. Milestones: (month 8) M.3.2.1 Production of carbon materials; (month 15) M.3.2.2 Design, preparation and testing of catalysts for ORR; (month 23) M3.2.3 Preparation and testing of electrodes for PEM-fuel cell. Deliverables: (month 6) D.3.2.1 Networking event: Study visit to IOCCP. Kick-off Meeting; (month 9) D.3.2.2 Joint technical evaluation of the wastes selected; (month 24) D.3.2.3 Scientific and technical valorization of the results.

Task 3.3 Materials for cleantech Milestones: (month 10) M.3.3.1 Production of carbon adsorbents; (month 10) M.3.3.2 Synthesis of iron oxide nanomaterials with high surface area and/or visible light absorption properties. UniBL; (month 18) M.3.3.3 Preparation and Testing of ACs in metal ions absorption from polluted water, AMD abatement; (month 18) M.3.3.4 Screening tests on iron oxides NPs as photocatalysts for organic and inorganic pollutants abatement in waste water. Deliverables: (month 20) D.3.3.1 One nanomaterial active in VOCs abatement; (month 20 D.3.3.2) Development of one nanomaterial active in waste water purification.

Task 3.4 Catalysts for Eco Industry. Milestones: (month 12) M.3.4.1 Development of active catalysts based on ACs functionalized with active metal nanoparticles; (month 12) M.3.4.2 Development of active catalysts based on metal oxide nanoparticles; (month 18) M.3.4.3 Screening of IOCCP-BAS functionalized ACs in the methanol decomposition to syngas; (month 18) M.3.4.4 Screening of UniBL nanomaterials in bio-derived raw materials reforming reactions for green hydrogen production; (month 18) M.3.4.5 Screening of UniBL nanomaterials in selective hydrogenations for the synthesis of fine chemicals; (month 18) M.3.4.6 Screening of IOCCP-BAS functionalized ACs in the oxidation of glucose to glucaric acid; (month 18) M.3.4.7 Screening ACs functionalized with active metal nanoparticles and metal oxide nanoparticles as catalysts in water gas shift reaction. Deliverables(month 20) D.3.4.1 Development of 1 catalysts based on wasted derived materials active in selective organic transformations; (month 20) M.3.4.2 Development of 1 catalysts based on wasted derived materials active in hydrogen/syngas production.

WP3 deliverables common to all tasks: (month 24) D.3.A Education of students and PhD students. All Partners; (month 24) D.3.B Joint communication and final networking event to spread the results of the Project. All Partners.

WP4 - Communication and Dissemination, LIR Evolution, ISTM-CNR, IOCCP-BAS

Task 4.1 Communication and Dissemination activities;

Task 4.2 Preparation of promotion materials.

Milestones: (month 2) M.4.1 Stakeholders and media list; (months 6,12,18,24) M.4.2 Preparation of Press releases/articles and E-newsletters; (month 24) M.4.3 Preparation of printed promotion materials (Leaflets, Roll-up, Final Brochures); (month 24) M.4.4 Preparation of patents, scientific publications on high rank peer reviewed international journals and oral and poster communications to national and international congresses/expositions/fairs. Deliverables: (month 2) D. 4.1 List of stakeholders and media defined; (month 4) D.4.2 500 leaflets and Roll up printed; (months 6,12,18,24) D.4.3 6 Press releases/articles and 8 e-newsletters distributed to stakeholders; (month 20) D.4.4 500 Final brochures printed; (month 24) D.4.5 At least 5000 stakeholders reached by communication and dissemination measures; (month 24) D.4.6 1 patent, 3 scientific publications on high rank peer reviewed international journals and 4 oral/poster communications to national and international congresses/expositions/fairs.

BloW UP 150

Balkans Waste to Products:

transfer of NoI model to Balkan area: de-siloing new waste-derived raw materials and developing new applications - RIS

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 Vladimiro Dal Santo

Duration of project from 04/2017 to 03/2019

Supported by RM Academy EU H2020 Color v2



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