The second networking event organized in Bosnia and Herzegovina

“Industry and academic synergy for strengthening of raw materials research"

In the framework of the project "Blow Up", project partners, Faculty of Science University of Banja Luka and LIR Evolution organized the 2nd networking event on 4th of September 2018.
The topic of the event was the elimination of pollution caused by the processing of raw materials. The seminar was organized in cooperation with the City Development Agency (CIDEA) Banja Luka, an important regional partner supporting local development and links with industrial sectors.

Particularly interesting was the presence of two representatives of SES Nordic company from Denmark. This company produces biological agents for decomposition and elimination of pollution by lubricants and petroleum products. The day before the seminar, the technology was demonstrated in the field on a stationary water surface. Considering that an experiment is being carried out within the Blow Up project for the development of domestic lubricants (company Tehnosint), improved with additives from nanoparticles, the topic of eliminating possible pollution by lubricants was very significant. The experiment is also attended by a young carbon material expert, Hironori Sugiyama from Shinshu University in Nagano, Japan, who is on a three-month exchange course at the Chemistry Study Program under the Memorandum of Understanding between this university and the University of Banja Luka. This exchange was achieved through the Global Leader Program for Fiber Renaissance.

The seminar was attended by the renowned international expert prof. Dr. Marcel Van de Voorde, who gave his vision of the development of self-lubricating advanced materials as an alternative to lubricants in the future.
21 participants, representatives of SMEs, research institutes, universities, regional development agency and civil society organization attended the seminar and were able to engage in debate and exchange their ideas and experiences.


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