SulcIS Meeting

28 - 30 November 2018, Iglesias (IT)

Sulcis Innovation Scheme Meeting | Iglesias 28 - 30 November 2018



Mining tailings management currently represent one of the major issues in all mining sites, such as those in Sulcis-Iglesiente and in the Balkans.


Scientific Meetings

One day of scientific meetings to discuss how to transform wastes from mining/metalurgical activities into major value products within a circular economy perspective.



One day of matchmaking events to desiloing the expertise, competences and technologies to set up scientific/technical collaborations.

The SulcIS Meeting Program

Register to the meeting by 20 November at:

Send your abstract (file name: Cand_Name_Surname) to:

Scientific Committee:

Vladimiro Dal Santo (ISTM-CNR, Milan); Paolo

Dambruoso (ISOF-CNR, Bologna), Davide Peddis

(ISM-CNR, Rome); Renzo Salimbeni (IFAC-CNR,

Florence); Giuliano Angella (ICMATE-CNR, Milan).

Organizing Committee:

Massimiliano Manis (Associazione Mineraria Sarda),

Gianluca Lilliu (SCOOL), Sara Laureti (ISM CNE; SCOOL)

 Photo Credits © Gian Marco Leoni

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Balkans Waste to Products:

transfer of NoI model to Balkan area: de-siloing new waste-derived raw materials and developing new applications - RIS

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 Vladimiro Dal Santo

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