In the framework of the project "Blow Up", project partners, Faculty Science University of Banja Luka and LIR Evolution organized the 2nd networking event on 4th of September 2018. The topic of the event was the elimination of pollution caused by the processing of raw materials. The seminar was organized in cooperation with the City Development Agency (CIDEA) Banja Luka, an important regional partner supporting local development and links with industrial sectors.


The 1st networking event in the framework of the BloW uP project was organized on the 22nd of December 2017 in Banja Luka by the project partners Faculty of Science University of Banja Luka and LIR Evolution.  The title of the networking event was “The remediation of dump sites (hot spots) and unexploited mining resources with nanotechnology potentials in Bosnia and Herzegovina“.  55 participants, representatives of SMEs, research institutes, universities, local and regional development agencies, ministries and civil society organizations, attended the seminar and were able to engage in debate and exchange their ideas and experiences.


Bosnia and Herzegovina is an extremely ore-rich country. Various mines are functioning along the country, especially with the recent influx of foreign investments (examples British „ArcellorMittal“ invested in the iron mine in Prijedor city, Belgian „Carmeus“ invested in the limestone mine in Doboj city etc.). 

The zeolites deposits are registered all along the country but are not widely exploited. Bosnian potential for zeolites industry is therefore still unexplored, with only exception a successful company „Alumina“ from Zvornik city, which produces synthetic zeolites and is one of the main European producers in this area on the basis of domestic Al2O3 ores.

One of the potentially multifunctional zeolites could be found in the Teslić area, village Srednja Šnjegotina. This mine has been illegally exploited and sold for years as a material for agriculture, an additive for cosmetics etc. However, no serious and scientifically approved characterization has yet been published on this material. The BlowUp project team from the University of Banja Luka, Faculty of Science, visited the site with permission of the national inspector and took 10kg of the samples. The samples are dried and sent to the partners' laboratories for characterizations. The samples in Banja Luka will be tested as an adsorbent for toxic organics via batch adsorption technique.

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Balkans Waste to Products:

transfer of NoI model to Balkan area: de-siloing new waste-derived raw materials and developing new applications - RIS

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Duration of project from 04/2017 to 03/2019

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